D18 Mhaw Wunn Su

Die Schule befindet sich im Pyapon Townships im Irrawaddy Delta. Pyapon liegt am gleichnamigen Fluss, einem Nebenfluss des Irrawaddy. Das Dorf liegt etwa 15 km entfernt der Adamanensee und etwa 75 km entfernt von Yangon. Man erreicht das Gebiet mit dem Auto oder Schiff.
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Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2023

Mangotree School Update, June 2023

Yesterday I visited the school. Everything is perfect and students amount is 95 and Kindergarden to Grade 5 are learning. Mangotree are still surviving. Solar system also fine and kid are very happy for that too. Some are change, it is road to the school, until last time road to school was very narrow and not really good. But last month they already build proper and 3 wheels motor cycle can go. Former time little difficult and nowadays is very smooth to go there. /Naing

Freitag, 20. Januar 2023

Second update for Mangotree School

Today I visited and inspected to your school. Now the school is fully facility except opening ceremony. Building condition also very fine, today also we installed the Ceiling Fan by solar system sponsor by Rotary Club. Kids and teachers are very happy for that too. They don’t have to worry for the heat while they study in day time. Water tank also they using which you supported last 6 month ago. All of Mango trees are also surviving. Your school is very first of full facilities in our school project, and also they got the new female principal. Previous principal is going CDM (Civil Disobedience Moment) and last year they have no principal. /Naing

Montag, 29. August 2022

Update of Mangotree School

Last week I delivered the water tank to Mangotree school and they already set up. They really appreciate the rapid support to them. Now the kids can use the water properly and keep the tank under the roof. Because if they set up under the sun the tank will be broken easily. That’s why they keep under the roof at walk way. /Naing

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2022

School Visit in June 2022

First of all very best regards from the school to the whole family of the donor. I visited last day to the school, everything is fine and all the students are attending. Principal is on CDM and assistant Male teacher is handling for all at the moment. School is look like real school, if compare with last year totally change. Kids are running, playing, shouting and learning. The Mango trees are surviving too. They waiting for opening ceremony. /Naing

Montag, 22. November 2021

School Visit November 2021

I visited last week the school, it is a match with school name and environment. Because surrounding with Mango trees. I planted last year the Mango trees in school compound. Now getting grow up. School is opening and half of students are coming to the school. Principal is on CDM, I just met with assistant head teacher. Building also in good shape and the kid are studying in the building. They asking me for the opening ceremony and they welling to see your families personally, for that case I answered to them depend on the country situation. They all are very well and not so effective of political issues. I mean most of peoples are still healthy and peaceful. We gave the trees for present to them last year and trees are also not so bad. Peoples planted most of trees in their fields and some in their own compound. /Naing

Dienstag, 10. November 2020

School report - Fall 2020

While COVID virus still going we can not go where we want, but technology is still support to us. We still can communicate via mobile or media. Now also I can not go to the Mangotree School, but I can know what I want. I spoke with school committee, they said they have little bit difficult because of virus. Alway they have to be alert. They not allow to pass strangers in their village. School is in good condition. Mangotree are also getting bigger too. They really want to say for thankful by personally and do their school opening ceremony. Please have a look school with Mangotrees. /Naing

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2020

Wir pflanzen Bäume bei der Mangotree Schule

Montag, 27. Juli 2020

Licht für Mhaw Wunn Su

Wir bringen 348 Solarlampen nach Mhaw Wunn Su, einem Dorf in der Nähe der Mangotree Schule, ein Licht für jede Familie.

Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2020

Die Mangotree School wird gebaut

Es gibt Spender, die sich bei der Namensfindung an Land und Leuten orientieren. Mangobäume sind bei den Einheimischen genau so beliebt wie bei uns, wenn wir das Dorf besuchen. Im Sommer 2020 wird die Mangotree School im Delta gebaut. Für den Herbst ist eine Eröffnungsfeier mit vielen glücklichen Kindern geplant. /jg