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Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2021

Tree Planting in Kyone Thin Village in November 2021

We planted 1,000 trees for November 2021 in Kyone Thin Village. It close with our Swimming Doctors route. They have high school and principal love the trees. They will plant in school compound, because they have big area. Location- 16.417609, 95.806118. Trees are Mahogany, Mangium, Mango and Star Flowers. /Naing

Dienstag, 30. November 2021

Tree Planting in Tha Byu Seik Village in October 2021

We planted .,000 trees in Tha Byu Seik Village. This village is in our Swimming Doctors Route. They have school as well. Location - 16.502517, 95.731331. Trees are Mango, Star Flower, Mahogany, Sal Tree and Yamanay Tree. Most of trees will plant in school and village road, some they gave to the villager for present. /Naing

Freitag, 29. Oktober 2021

Tree Planting in Pa Li Chan Village in September 2021

We planted 1,000 trees in Pa Li Chan Village. Trees are Mango, Star Flower, Mahogany, Sal tree and Yamanay tree. Location-16.621409, 95.585494. In this village our coming project is school building. We already agreed for 3 class room. The monk is very friendly and he love the trees. He already asking me for next year tree project in his own land. /Naing

Montag, 31. Mai 2021

Tree Planting in A Chan Village in April 2021

We planted 1,000 trees for April 2021 in A Chan Village. It is our Swimming Doctors route village and located in Maubin township. Location- 16.54912, 95.724642. Trees are Mango (300) Star Flower (300), Mahogany (200) and Custard Fruit trees (200). They have primary school with 100 students. Actually they planned to build the 2 class room building with our support. But finally they can not efforts for the financial and cancel for the project. But they still love the trees and want to plant for school compound and village walk way. /Naing

Freitag, 30. April 2021

Tree Planting in Con Tann Gyi Village in March 2021

We planted 1.000 trees in Con Tann Gyi Village in Kyite Lat Township for March 2021. Trees are Mango (300) Star Flower(300), Mahogany (200) and Custard Fruit (200). Location - 16.612192, 95.672712. This village is not very far with our Swimming Doctors routes. Normally they come to our ship for medical reasons and good connection with us. Households is about 110 and 400 to 500 of population. They have Primary school and 96 students. They will plant in school compound and in the village. For the future they need our help as well. They happy to plant the trees. /Naing

Mittwoch, 31. März 2021

Tree Planting in Lat Khote Pin Village in February 2021

We planted the 1,000 trees in Lat Khote Pin Village for February 2021, located in Maubin Township and very close with our SD Route. In this village already had some big tree, that’s why they knew how important the shade and good for climate. They already grow in school compound and some shared to villages. They have kindergarten school but not enough for space, that’s why we already agreed for the 2 class room building in future. Households is around 115 and around 650 peoples are staying.
Location - 16.619001, 95.684024
Trees are Mango (400), Star Flower (300) and Mahogany (300). So they are happy with the trees and we also can go anytime for check. /Naing